Services & Rates.


Daily walks

You will have the same walker come to your home from the initial consultation to each and every walk, so that we can ensure the best service . Daily walks can range from one to three per day, morning, midday, and evening, starting with our first walk at 8 a.m and ending with the last at 8 p.m. 

Half-hour walk for one dog:       $26

Half-hour walk for two dogs:      $28

Half-hour walk for three dogs:    $30


15 minute potty break and quick sprint, 1 dog:     $18

15 minute potty break and quick sprint,  2 dogs:   $21

15 minute potty break and quick sprint,  3 dogs:   $25

Pet Sitting

Keep your pets happy and healthy at home when you have to leave town. Enjoy reduced vet bills and comfort knowing that you are steering clear of things like kennel cough, and other health concerns. We will visit your pooch, while on your trip, up to three times a day and provide food, water, medicines, treats, potty breaks, exercise, affection and anything else your pet might need. We'll  also take in the mail, and alternate the lights, giving your home the appearance of being occupied. You'll also recieve a text nightly, with updates.

Puppy Obedience Training

As a gift to yourelf and your dog, as well as your family and your friends and neighbors, train your puppy. Doing so, means sanity for you, safety for your dog, and compliments from people you meet. Is your puppy jumping up at guests when they come into your home? Does he or she have separation anxiety or crate issues? Start them off on the right paw.

Pet Taxi/Driving

We'll fetch and drop anywhere in the metro! We can shuttle your dog to and from the groomer, training classes, dog park, Vet, Airport, or wherever else they might need to be. Think of how nice this would be on those evenings when you need to stay later at the offfice or want to grab a bite or drink after work, especially during those slow-traffic, snowy rush hours. Leave the hassle to us. You can count on returning home from your busy day to a safe and happy pet.

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Certified and Insured with References.

Pet Sitters Association National Professional Pet Sitters

Service Areas: 

North East Minneapolis, The North Loop, Downtown Minneapolis, Bryn Mawr, Uptown, South Minneapolis, Kenwood, Lake of the Isles, Lowry Hill, Calhoun, Lake Harriet, Lake Nokimis, Edina, St. louis Park, Edina.