Does your little digger need to get out more often? We know you can't always be there. Get them from digging out back, to diggin' the pack. They'll run with the big dogs!!




Why Choose A Personal Pet Care Professional?

Simply put, because it's personal. It's more personal for you and your needs, and it gives individual attention to your pets. We know you love your dogs, but a busy and changing schedule, long days at the office, and unforeseen commitments, can make it nearly impossible to give your best friend the exercise, attention, and affection they need every day. Add in the cost of increased Vet bills from illnesses picked up in boarding facilities and the need to meet their deadlines for drop-off and pick-up, and you're going to want an alternative. That's where Digger's Custom K9 Services comes in. With over 14 years of experience, Digger's would love to help out when you need it, whether it’s training, a quick potty break, longer walk during the day, a ride to the Vet, Groomer, Airport, or visits while you’re out of town. We've got you covered.

All-day, ride-along's with video journaling.

Do you want your dog to be part of the Top Dog Grand Tour? They will ride along with a walker in saftey and comfort, which will be shown to you during your free consultation, and get to walk at multiple stops all day long, as we get to each scheduled stop in a new neighborhood. Here, they will be getting continuous exercise, and be socialized with different dogs, and you will be kept informed of their adventures with video clips. Obviously, this is limited to space as available. The price for the Top Dog Grand Tour is $30 per day.

Dog Walking

A happy little digger gets to mark-n-sniff out there where he routinely visits his familiar marking spots rain or shine. We offer walks everyday of the week, whether that be in a one-on-one or a pack setting, to fit your dog's needs. Don't forget our weekend trips to the dog park. They are very popular! Your dog will have the same walker every time to ensure that we can get to know them and provide the best service possible. They will get their exercise out in the sun, getting to all of their favorite "sniff-n-mark" spots and return home happy and relaxed.  You can count on a wagging tail after a long day at work!

Pet sitting/Vacation cares

Heading out of town? Let your dogs stay in the comfort and security of their own neighborhood and home when you’re not around. And stay informed by text nightly. We can visit your dogs up to three times a day and provide plenty of love, affection, exercise, medicines, food, and water, and anything else your dog might need. We will make your house look occupied and keep your pets healthy and happy while you’re gone.

Pet Taxi

Don’t have time to take your dog to the Vet, Groomer or to Now Boarding, Day Care at the Airport? (A highly-used area of our services, very popular for frequent travelers). Dog Owners love being able to pick up their pets from Now Boarding located right next to the Airport after a trip, if leaving them at home for in-home-pet sitting was not an option. We'll get them there on your busy morning on the day of your departure, and you can pick them up at Daycare, or we can do both trips. Remove the hassle of traffic jams, delays at the office. You'll really love this added service when the snow starts to fly! We can book an appointment, drop off and pick up your dog, and even pick up and deliver your pet care products.The cost for this will be added to the next months invoice. We'll drop & fetch from anywhere in the metro!

Obedience Training

Your dogs lives for your instruction, but won't learn properly or listen to your commands unless you are using effective training methods.  What's more, you owe it to yourself and them, your neighbors, family, and friends, training that will ensure their saftey.. and your sanity. The compliments from strangers are pretty sweet too! We specialize in puppy training and get them off on the right paw, with the five commands every dog needs to know. Call for your free consultation and assesment. You'll be glad you did!


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