Is your dog a maniac if he doesn't get his walk?

"We can help!" 


Digger dogs want the best. They want their walks in the territories that they have claimed to be their own.. their neighborhoods. They are dogs with "individual" character and are treated as such with individualized care.

Why choose individualized care?

There's no hassle, getting things together for their day at a boarding facility, no hassel with traffic and deadlines, fines, or the worry of health concerns such as kennel cough, diarrhea etc.

We know how busy, you are. Just as we call for a babysitter when needed, isn't it the same for your "four-footed" member of the family?

We are:

understanding of your demanding schedule.

knowledgeable of your commitments to friends and family events which require your time.

bonded, certified, insurred, and a member of Pet Siters Associates, LLC, now in our 17th year.

trusted with outstanding reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Angies LIst.

knowledgeable of your commitments to friends and family events which require your time.

able to save you time and fees from daycare deadlines for drop-off and pick-up and the hassles of illnesses, pack aggression, and late fees acquired at bording facilities.

the same Dog Walker every time and complete comprehensive background checks on all of our walkers.



Dog Walking

Happy dogs, (Digger dogs), get to sniff and mark their regular spots right in your own neighborhood, on their familiar route. No more competition for rank order in those crowded boarding facilities. We offer walks everyday of the week, whether it be one-on-one or in a pack setting. Your dog will have the same walker every time to ensure that we can get to know them and provide the best service possible. They will get their exercise out in the sun, getting to all of their favorite areas and return home happy and relaxed.  You can always count on a wagging tail after a long day at work.

Vacation Sitting

Heading out of town? Let your dogs be at home where they're most comfortable. We know that they are creatures of habit and when taken out of their routines, they tend to stress out. We'll keep you informed by text nightly. We can visit your dogs up to three times a day and provide plenty of love, affection, exercise, medicines, food, and water, and anything else your dog might need. We'll keep your house looking occupied by alternating lights and shades, bring in the mail, bring recyclables and trash out to the curb, and set the alarm system. 

Pet Taxi

Don’t have time to take your dog to the Vet, Groomer? Remove the hassle of traffic jams, and delays at the office. You'll really love this added service when the snow starts to fly. We'll book that appointment, then drop & fetch from anywhere in the metro!

All aboard

Do you want your dog to have even more exercise than he would get at daycare with many seperate walks throughout the city? They will ride along with the Owner of the business in saftey and comfort, and get the grand tour, as we get to each scheduled stop in a new neighborhood. They'll make new friends, be getting continuous exercise, and you will be kept informed of their adventures with an end-of-the-day video sent to your phone. Space is limited to 5.

Obedience Training

Your dog lives for your instruction, but won't learn properly or listen to your commands unless you are using effective training methods. Ensure their saftey and your sanity. The compliments from your neighbors are nice too! We specialize in puppy training and get them started on the right paw, with the five commands every dog needs to know. Is your dog a digger dog? Call for your free consultation and assesment. You'll be glad you did!

Gift Certificates make great gifts! Buy them for your elderly loved ones, or just friends who are needing some help.





Certified and Insured with References.

Pet Sitters Association National Professional Pet Sitters

Service Areas: 

North East Minneapolis, The North Loop, Downtown Minneapolis, Bryn Mawr, Uptown, South Minneapolis, Kenwood, Lake of the Isles, Lowry Hill, Calhoun, Lake Harriet, Lake Nokimis, Edina, St. louis Park.